Dell的SCSI硬盘 固件怎么升级,现在的固件是D4.0.4,现在好像有D.4.0.5的固件。



Dell的SCSI硬盘 固件怎么升级,现在的固件是D4.0.4,现在好像有D.4.0.5的固件。

  • 硬盘是Seagate ST3146854LW

  • 请把Dell的部件号提供一下,不清楚可以提供硬盘的正面照片或所属服务器的服务编号也可以。 

  • 硬盘已经装进机器里了,拆装不方便,查出来的固件版本是404,好像有405固件。

  • 硬盘已经装进机器里了,拆装不方便,看到固件是404,查了一下好像有405固件。

  • 提供一张全图吧!!我要的信息在图片上看不到。


  • 我买的2手硬盘,说是dell的查出来的固件是D404,在DELL_SCSI-HARD-DRIVE-FIRMWAR_A09_R18283里面看到有新固件D405 请问这个怎么升级固件啊,我现在在单位里,照片是昨天拍的。

  • 这种老式的硬盘升级相应稍麻烦一点!



    Custom Instructions for DELL_SCSI-HARD-DRIVE-FIRMWAR_A09_R182831.EXE:

    NOTE: In order to create the Hard drive firmware update media using this package, this file must be downloaded to and executed on a system running Microsoft Windows. This package can be used to create a bootable USB flash drive, CD, or hard drive image.


    1. Select the download method you want to use to retrieve the file - either HTTP or FTP.
    2. If the Export Compliance Disclaimer window appears, read the agreement and then select either "I agree" or "I disagree".
    3. When the File Download window appears, click Save.
    4. From the Save As dialog, select a location and a file name then click "Save".
    5. If a Download Complete window appears, click Close.

    Hard Drive Firmware Media Creation

    1. Browse to the location where you downloaded the file and double-click it to extract the diagnostic files and start the distribution application.
    2. Verify that you have the correct diagnostic package by reviewing the information on the dialog box that appears then click Continue.
    3. Specify the location to unzip the files.
    4. Click on the OK button to extract files. After the files are extracted, a message should appear indicating that all files were successfully unzipped.
    5. Click the OK button to start the Hard Drive Firmware Package. Follow the on screen prompts to create the media desired.

    CD Media Creation

    1. Follow your CD writing software vendor's instructions to create a CD from the downloaded .ISO file. 

    Note: If CD media is viewed using Windows explorer, only the file Booting.txt will be visible. This CD was created using hard-disk emulation.

    Running the Hard Drive Firmware Update Utility

    1. Insert the media you created.
    2. Boot the computer. (You may have to configure the boot order in BIOS setup to boot the media you created before other devices.)
    3. Follow the screen prompts to update your drive firmware.

    There will be a readme.txt file for DDDP usage and a R162703.txt text file fordrives affected in the location you selected to unzip the files that contains additional and late breaking information. If you need to run the Delivery Package again, you can run the file DDDP.exe from that same location. 

  • 看了这篇文档,但是按照操作 机器启动不出来,说是error。

  • 主板是z170的主板,启动模式尝试过uefi and legacy都不行。使用diskpart命令创建了一个2G fat16 的U盘分区。

  • 这种老固件升级程序不建议使用大于2G的U盘,所以你分的FAT不清楚是不是可用,所以我的建议是可以这样试一下,做一个bootablel image,然后使用烧录程序写到U盘里面,然后服务器重启使用U盘启动去升级。

  • 好,我回去试试。

  • 不行,用了2个U盘 制作出来的东西都是no system disk 不能引导。一个32G 一个64G 没有小的U盘了。

    使用Create a Bootable CD做出来的img文件,然后用cloneCD和Win10自带的 刻录完成后,打开光盘,里面的文件都不可见,一开始我以为是刻录机坏了,然后用同一张光盘重新刻录了张Ubuntu,是好的。可以引导,说明刻录机和刻录光盘没有问题。然后我又看了下说明文档说只支持CD or CD-RW。

    You also have the option of burning a CD-R or CD-RW media directly from
    the DDDP application by clicking the "Burn Image..." check box. The
    checkbox will be grayed out if the system does not have a drive capable of
    burning CD-R or CD-RW media. Other media types are not supported by the