NX3100存储重新安装store 2008系统后,初始化的时候在第二步卡住了,如图



NX3100存储重新安装store 2008系统后,初始化的时候在第二步卡住了,如图

  • 看提示应该是要配置存储软件,下方只有个浏览的选项,但浏览源不知道在哪

  • 看了一下步骤如下:


    PowerVault NX3000 Initial Configuration
       1. The first screen you will see once the PowerVault NX3000 has booted is the Default Password screen. Take note of the default password and press the OK button.
    2. You are now at the desktop of the PowerVault NX3000. You will notice that teh PowerVault NAS Initial Configuration Wizard is displayed with the Welcome Screen. Click the Next button ton continue.
    3. Next you will see the Change Password screen, again the Default password is displayed. On the Change Passwords screen you can change the password or skip changing the password. For the purposes of this lab we will click the Skip buttton, to skip changing the password.
    4. On the NAS Appliance Software screen you are asked to browse for the NAS Appliance Software so that it can be installed. Click theBrowse button to continue.
    5. The Open dialog box is now displayed. You will find the NAS Appliance Software will be available for this lab exercise located in one of the optical drives.
    A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer. NOTE: 
    The NAS Appliance Software could be located on USB key as well, it depends upon your customer and you should ask them if they have the original media or if they downloaded from support.dell.com to a USB key.

    Click the option for Computer located in the left hand menu.

    6. Now select optical drive E:, this will open the disk in the drive.
    7. One file is displayed, this is the NAS Appliance Software. Select this file.
    8. With the file selected, click the Open button.
    9. The PowerVault NX3000 will now load the NAS Appliance Software.
    A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer. NOTE: 
    You will notice no indication of the NAS Appliance Software loading at this point, this is normal behavior.
    10. Now the system will return you to the PowerVault NAS Initial Configuration Wizard, and you will see the System Language screen. Select English as the desired system language and click the Select button.
    11. You have now completed the PowerVault NAS Initial Configuration Wizard. The system must now be restarted to confirm the settings you chose. Click the Reboot button to restart the system.
    12. The system has now rebooted, and requires you to login. But, first you need to submit CTRL - ALT - DEL to the sytem. Click the caption bubble displayed here to continue.
    13. Now you will login as the Administrator on the PowerVault NX3000. To submit the password, type the default password of Stor@ge!and click the submit button.
    14. Now submit the password to windows by clicking the submit button.
    15. The system has now rebooted and you have completed the Initial Configuration process.
    A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer. NOTE: 
    The system has landed at the Server Manager window this is normal and expected behavior.

    Click anywhere on the screen to continue.

  •  非常感谢您的帮助!

    我手上也有机器自带原始的系统恢复光盘,根据第五步显示,我在光盘里没找到NAS Appliance Software这个软件(能否帮忙告知具体是哪个文件),所有文件浏览都报失败,无法进行下一步。
  • 下载这个文件放到U盘,然后在第五步的时候,选择这个文件看看:


  • 好的,谢谢,我抽空再去试一下!

  •  是将这个文件下载下来,然后放在服务器,再在初始化第二步浏览打开这个文件应该就可以对吧?

  • 是的!