Dell pc6248P Boot Menu 执行了 6后正常


Could not open VPD file:  vpd.bin


Do you wish to input a MAC address?
If you choose no, the currently stored
MAC address ( 00:00:00:00:00:00 ) will be used. (y/n): 

Please enter the DS/N serial number of this unit (a.k.a. PPID) ->

Please enter the Dell Service Tag for this unit ->


dimInitialize returned 3 

adding the default image - image1 to the list
dimImageAdd returned -2
Boot Menu Version: 31 October 2007
ActiveImage could not be found
active image failed crc check. activating backup image
No Backup Image available.
Failed to activate Backup Image.
Operational code CRC is invalid.
ActiveImage could not be found


Extracting boot code from image...
Storing Operational code in Flash. This may take several minutes...

Error obtaining active image name
Error loading code...

然后执行7后 ERROR: Can't open file