Adding a Forum Post

To post on the Dell Community you must be a registered user and logged in. If you are not a registered user please review the Create an Account FAQ.

1. To create a post choose the appropriate forum from the drop down list.

2. Once at the correct board click New Post.

When you click on new post a list will appear. In the list will include Forums, File Gallery, or Wiki where a post can be made.

  • Forums are for questions and discussions between the communities.
  • The file gallery is for posting an image of a system for clarification.
    • NOTE: Images that are unrelated to the topic will be removed.
  • Wikis are where users can collaborate together and write step-by-step instructions to resolve a problem.
    • NOTE: Any wikis created asking for help will be removed and the user asked to post on the correct forum.

3. Fill in the thread information.

Each tab has different options:


  • Subject - Specifies the post subject.
  • Tags - Specifies tags used for the post. You can click Select Tags to find tags that have already been used with forum posts.
  • Email me replies to this post - Specifies whether you will receive notification when a user replies to the post.


  • Do not allow replies - Specifies whether users can reply to the post


  • Include a Poll in this Post - Specifies whether you want to include a poll question with your post. When you click the checkbox, additional fields display on the page.
  • Question - Specifies the poll question.
  • Description - Describes the poll question.
  • Answers - Provides the user with options for answering the poll question.
  • Add Answer - Allows you to add a poll answer.
  • Expires - Specifies the number of days the poll question will display with the post.


Shows you what the post will look like before you publish the post.

4. Once you are ready to post your thread click Post located at the bottom.